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New South Wales Gaming Machines Act 2001 No 127 Historical version for 11.1.2013 to 2.6.2013 (generated on 12.06.2013 at 12:51) Part 1 Preliminary 1 Name of Act 2 2 Commencement 2 3 Objects of Act 2 4 Definitions 2 5, 6 (Repealed) 6 7 Lawful keeping and operation of gaming machines 6 8 Gaming machines not used for purposes of gambling 7

New South Wales last month issued a renewed warning over gambling adverts in the state following a successful prosecution and conviction of Ladbrokes. The operator was convicted of three counts of illegal gambling advertising in the state, resulting in a fine of Aus$7,500 and legal costs of Aus$18,000. Gambling impacts on Aboriginal communities in New South … Gambling affects communities in many ways, yet relatively little research has investigated community level impacts of gambling in the context ofTo help address this gap in research, this research investigates the impacts of gambling on Aboriginal communities across New South Wales, Australia. NPL, New South Wales - Australia - league table, fixtures… Check highlights and statistics for your team in NPL, New South Wales. All predictions, data and statistics available through infographics from, New South Wales. The most interesting stats and facts Full league table, fixtures and results. The New South Wales OLGR | Cyber Casino Index The New South Wales Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (OLGR) is the legal body that regulates gambling in New South Wales, Australia. According to their web site, the OLGR’s gambling domain has an annual turnover of $AUS40 billion which results in a tax contribution of approximately $AUD1.6...

New South Wales. Gambling in New South Wales. In New South Wales, Liquor & Gaming NSW is responsible for overseeing the gaming regulatory framework which attempts to balance the responsible development of the gaming industry (within the parameters of the regulatory controls) with community standards and the social harms of problem gambling.

RESPONSIBLE GAMBLING STRATEGY 2019–21 I 5 Executive Summary Gambling is a recreational pursuit enjoyed by millions of New South Wales residents. For the overwhelming majority, NSW launch Betiquette responsible gambling campaign ... A quirky new responsible gambling campaign in New South Wales aims to educate young Australian men on how to avoid the potential pitfalls of sports betting. On Thursday, NSW Government Minister ...

The AMCA has banned the broadcast of gambling ad during live sporting events that are streamed on the internet. Read more about the story here!

Competency cards - Liquor & Gaming NSW Everything you need to learn about competency cards, digital cards, renewing your competency, fees, and fines.

Passed by both Houses New South Wales Gambling Legislation Amendment (Responsible Gambling) Bill 1999 Contents Page 1 Name of Act 2 2 Commencement 2 3 Amendment of Acts 2 Schedules 1 Amendment of Casino Control Act 1992 No 15 3 2 ...

Gambling Policy and Regulation – Parliament of Australia New South Wales. The NSW Department of Gaming and Racing is responsible for the proper conduct and balanced development of the gaming, racing, liquor and charity industries in NSW. Its website has pages on responsible gambling, legislation and other matters. The NSW Casino Control Authority licenses and supervises the operations of the casino.